About Us

My name is Maria and together with
my partner Vito, we started building The Nature Queen back to 2019 and the goal
was to get you the highest quality and delicious honey from Romania, harvesting
by my family, mainly my uncle Ghitoiu. 

Did you know that Romania has the
highest number of beekeepers in Europe ? So my partner and I decided for
bringing our liquid gold to United Kingdom where we live already over 9 years
and give you opportunity to taste and find out what delicious and raw honey
Romania has.

Where did my idea started?

As a small child, growing up in a
small village in Romania, honey was mostly my only sweet treat offered by my
mum. I still remember in a winter time a jar of honey was seating all the time
on our dinning table.

As an adult today, with a small baby
I get to understand the goodness what honey actually offer.

This is how we get to collaborate
with my uncle Ghitoiu, owner of ,,Stupul Vessel’’ in South-West of Romania at
beautiful Danube Region.

My uncle started with 2 two hives
back to 1987 more of curiosity rather than business but a few years later
became as a full time job and I can tell how passionate beekeeper he
is and looking after our bees like they're his kids.

All his honey are sustainably
harvest as our family care of our bees more then anything else.

From where we get our delicious honey?

Our honey comes from Romania from
Little village name of Maglavit in Dolj County and all hives are
located right in their orchard, near an acacia forest, 2 km from the
Danube river.

Harvest Time

Every spring, after the acacia
flower from Maglavit withers, they go with the bee families to the pastoral in
the Râmnicu-Vâlcea area.  

At the end of June-beginning of
July, they go to a sunflower field, where beekeepers get sunflower honey.

In addition to these 2 types of
honey, our bee families also produce polyfloral honey with a special aroma,
from the spontaneous flora around the lakes or forests in the area.

We hope that our passion will help
as many people as possible to discover the immeasurable benefits that honey has
on our health. On this site we strive to offer you not only a quality
products, but also all the information you need regarding beekeeping.

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