About The Nature Queen

My name is Maria and together with my partner Vito, we started building The Nature Queen back to 2019 and the goal was to get you the highest quality and delicious honey from Romania, harvesting by my family, mainly my uncle Ghitoiu. 

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Our Story:

Welcome to ,,The Nature Queen ‘’

Did you know that Romania has the highest number of beekeepers in Europe ? That’s why my partner and I took our time to find the best from all and give you opportunity to try yourself and find out what delicious gold we have...(read more)

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Buy 100% Raw and Organic in UK

Our organic honeys are produced and packaged by hand. They are not pasteurized or heated, so they keep their natural properties intact. They are 100% pure honey , and we have them from all the producing areas of Romania

  • 100% Natural Honey

    Natural honey made in a traditional way. All our honeys are from bees from hives that are in Romania.

  • Free Shipping In UK

    Buy Natural Honey Online and receive it at your home for Free shipping for minimum orders of £30. Save on the buying honey online in UK.