The best properties of Rapeseed Honey

The best properties of Rapeseed Honey

In all corners of the Earth, it is known about the existence of honey is used as a supplement of high nutritional value. It is a healthy product and is available to everyone.

The different types of honey contain a variety of sugars and properties, depending on the origin of the nectar. Bee honey in UK is used as one of the main ingredients in natural and alternative medicine, as well as in various recipes around the world. 

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Learn more about the peculiar rapeseed honey below and its distinctive characteristics over the others, you can also see others such as agave syrup by clicking here.


This plant, called " colza" or "Brassica napus" by its scientific name, is quite common in different European areas. It comes from the brassica family, and its flowers have a large amount of liquid, which easily attracts countless bees.

Rapeseed, raps, or canola is a variety of turnips, with a branched stem, entire leaves, and flowers grouped in a cluster, bright yellow; Oil is extracted from the seed.  Its high nectar content allows the combs to be filled quickly and offers honey characterized by its high concentration of Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, recommended to prevent accelerated oxidation of the body.

The countries where rapeseed honey is cultivated and proliferates are Romania, Germany, and France, where there is a wide variety of crops, only for this plant. If you’re looking for Romanian organic rapeseed honey in the UK, visit

It is one of the most popular shrubs in beekeeping, as it can withstand the low temperatures of winter times, an essential condition to produce honey throughout the year in the countries where it is grown.


The rapeseed bush begins to be sown in the first days of October. In southern Europe, sowing begins in September and can extend until the first days of November.

Depending on weather and temperature conditions, rapeseed can begin to flower in April.

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The flower can last up to three weeks without wilting. There the bees come to work: the smell of the flower makes it not go unnoticed, it is at that moment when they manage to collect all the nectar they can.


It has a fairly thick consistency, its texture is creamy. It is a good sweetener for drinks and easy to spread on cakes and toast. It is extremely opaque, of a very light amber color, almost entirely white, which turns out to be characteristic, due to its high glucose level.

It does not have much smell it is similar to that cabbage or turnip. The little fragrance that it has is lost almost completely, two weeks after the extraction. After a similar period, its crystallization process begins.

The rapeseed pollen content of monofloral honey must be greater than 45%. It differs from other types of honey because it contains more glucose than fructose; so honey must be harvested in advance, to prevent it from crystallizing prematurely.


It stands out for its wonderful energetic, antioxidant, and antiseptic properties. Like most honey, it has excellent healing qualities of its own. Rapeseed honey in UK is used for:

  • Heal wounds: Whether it is a burn or a shallow wound, one of the healing properties of rapeseed honey is that it is a powerful healing agent. This is due to its high content of fatty acids, which speed up the regeneration process of the skin. It is advisable to apply a thin layer of honey on the affected area and leave it for 3 to 5 minutes so that its components act properly.
  • Disinfect the skin and improve its condition: Another of the benefits of rapeseed honey is that it has great antiseptic properties that will help to disinfect the skin and prevent the generation of infectious foci, which may put the recovery of the dermis at risk.
  • Cleans the liver: Honey, like rapeseed oil, is used to regulate the levels of fatty acids in the body and helps purify the liver.
  • Provides energy to the body and nervous system: It is a natural restorative. Gives back energy to the body, after a great effort.


It is used to help muscles quickly recover after exercising. It has been proven that rapeseed significantly increases strength, both at a muscular and immunological level.

It can be ingested through tea infusions, to sweeten a drink, or spread as jelly in your daily meals, etc.

If you want to take advantage of all the properties of this food, try to buy pure honey. To know that you have purchased quality honey, it is convenient to check the label to make sure that the words: "commercial glucose" or "high fructose syrup" do not appear, since they are additives used to prevent it from crystallizing.

Also, check these particularities: it has a dense drip, does not dissolve in water immediately, does not generate foam, smooth texture, produces slight burning in the throat, etc. It has been shown that honey is a natural food that every person should consume given its healthy contributions and its few contraindications.

Rapeseed honey is a highly nutritious ingredient with various benefits for the body. It is very unique and can be consumed daily, quietly including it on the menu. Its high sugar content provides the energy needed to exercise and regain vitality. Its properties are almost unlimited and it can be eaten without having to worry, as it has very few restrictions. Do not stop trying it!