Coffee And The Nature Queens Honey: A Perfect Combination For Health and for the Palate.

Coffee And The Nature Queens Honey: A Perfect Combination For Health and for the Palate.

In addition to the delicious flavors alone, the two base ingredients of our revenues are very good for health! The benefits of coffee to our body you already know, but do you know about Organic honey? This natural food is very versatile and can be used to improve the digestive capacity. It antioxidant, diuretic, expectorante, antiseptic and also strengthens our immune system.

Taking these benefits, It would be tasty enough you only spend trying to sweeten your coffee with The Nature Queens's honey, instead of sugar or sweetener, Is not it? Acacia Honey in UK, for example, one of the most known and appreciated, when mixed with coffee, It produces a drink with an impressive taste and much healthier than when we use industrial sweeteners. And you can vary enough to try to accomplish this junction hot coffee, express, ice cream or strained.

To increase a little this mix, you can add, also, two pieces of cinnamon stick. This trio will surely warm you up and give a new life to your day.

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But if you are still not convinced that this mix can work, learn to prepare with us one creamy coffee recipe with honey, for sure, will come to your drinks list with favorite coffee!


Half a liter of brewed or espresso;

4 tablespoons of The Nature Queens's honey in UK you prefer;

Half a cup (tea) whole milk;

1 Spoon (tea) Almond essence;

100 g candied orange peel.

How to prepare

Single coffee you prefer and prepare the way you're used to. When he is ready, put to boil in a saucepan three tablespoons of The Nature Queens's honey (You can buy the best honey in UK by Visiting The Nature Queens) and five tablespoons of water. When the boiling point, mix with your coffee.

Meanwhile, in another pan, Boil whole milk with the almond extract and the rest of the honey we do not use in the previous step recipe. Beat this mixture to form a light foam.

Now, it's time to serve: place the candied orange peels into the cups before placing the net. After, fill with coffee and finish placing the creamy foam on top!

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If you want to further refine your drink or impress your guests who will accompany you in this tasting, put some zest almonds on top of the foam. We guarantee that is amazing. no end, you will see that the Organic honey in UK mixture, almonds, milk and coffee will give you a combination of flavors that impressed by how harmonize well to the palate.